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Candeo Mallard

How do you make an awesome mani even awesomer? ADD GLITTAR!!!

I thought Candeo Mallard would be a match made in heaven for Rimmel Mania, and I was right. Mallard’s shimmery semi-sheer lilac base loaded with purple shimmer, silver, lime, and green hex glitter looks gorgeous over Mania when it shifts from deep blue to green. I’ve said it before, but I have to say it again; I’m so impressed with the color combinations of the Candeos. Melinda comes up with mixes that sounds like they wouldn’t work at all, but it all comes together so beautifully, and I think all the Candeo bottles I own are pure magic.

The formula is as usual impeccable. It’s thin enough to spread easily on the nail, but not too thin, and the glitters are all very well suspended in the base. Shown is one coat of Mallard over Mania.

Candeos are sold directly from Candeo Colors ($9) or from Llarowe ($11).

OPI Care To Danse? and My Pointe Exactly

I think the New York City Ballet collection is my favorite from OPI this year. I don’t know why, but these sheer, soft and ethereal jellies just won me over big time. They are just so versatile, both to wear on their own, but especially to use as underwear for glitters and glitter sandwiches. I got no less than four of the six colors in this collection, and today I’ll show you two of them.

First we have OPI Care To Danse?, a sheer lilac jelly. It looks clean and crisp, and it’s perfect for work or to slap some glitter on and use for a blingy party mani.

Next is OPI My Pointe Exactly, which is a sheer grey jelly. I wasn’t quite sure whether to buy this, and when I first tried it, I didn’t even know if I liked it. I think it looks pretty odd on its own, but it’s perfect for layering.

Both of these were pretty easy to apply, just use a light hand and fairly much polish on the brush. The first and second coats are somewhat patchy, but with a third coat they both even out beautifully. They are super shiny on their own, both swatches here are shown without topcoat.

What do you think of the NYC Ballet collection? Did you fall head over heels for these jellies like I did?

The ABCs: L for Lilac Lilly

More from Linda Johansen’s Sugar Blossom collection today, with the refreshing creme called Linda Johansen Nail Candy Lilac Lilly. This is as the name suggests a lilac, but it’s a very pink and very bright lilac. When I saw it in the bottle, I was sure it was a dupe for OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender, but it turns out they’re not even close. Lilac Lilly is darker and brighter than LLL.
I couldn’t capture this color completely accurate, it’s actually less blue than these pictures show.

The polish is easy to apply, but as with Key Lime I suggest waiting between each coat to get an even application. I’ve used three coats plus Speedy Top coat here, and it’s even, smooth and shiny.

If you live in Norway, you can get these at Linda Johansen Beauty Shop where Nail Candy laquers cost NOK 139 a bottle.

This product was sent to me for review.

Color Club Beyond The Mistletoe, Gingerbread & Sugarplum Fairy

Here are the rest of my picks from the Color Club Beyond The Mistletoe collection for Holidays 2011. I know it’s way too late, but I was really busy before Christmas and just didn’t get around to trying these in due time. I hope you don’t mind a little belated holiday collection swatchin’! If you do mind, I promise this will be quick and dirty.

Beyond The Mistletoe

Light blue-green and holographic glitter in a clear base. 3 coats.


Gold and holographic glitter in a sheer base. 3 coats.

Sugarplum Fairy

Silvery lilac and holographic glitter in a clear base. 3 coats.

The formula on all of these were pretty thick and gummy, quite typically for glitters. They are very sheer on the first coat, but all of them can be built to opacity in three coats. I bet they’ll work perfectly for layering in one or two coats, so they have great versatility. My favorites from this collection are Sugarplum Fairy and Jingle Jangle, which I’ve shown you here.

So there you have it, maybe you’d still like to get some of these glitterbombs? I bought mine from TransDesign, and most of this collection is still available there for $3.10 a bottle.

Wet ‘n’ Wild It’s All In The Cut

Hello everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the holidays, I know I am! My shoulders have finally dropped down to where they belong, and I’m relaxing and having a good time with family, good food, old movies on TV and lots of free time to play with nail polish!

I really should be wearing Christmas polishes at a time like this, but I recently got a lot of amazing polishes in the mail, and I decided to just let holidays be holidays and wear whatever I fancied! I chose Wet ‘n’ Wild It’s All In The Cut, which is from the Ice Baby collection for Winter 2011. Hey, I guess it sort of is a holiday polish after all!

IAITC has lots of super fine lilac glitter in a clear base, and it also has bigger pink holographic glitters interspersed. Hubba hubba, I love it!

This polish is really thick and gloopy, but it’s mostly just because it’s so filled with glitter. I had no problems applying thin coats, and I used three coats for maximum coverage and intense color punch. One could easily get away with two coats, though, the glitter is really dense.

I hope you’re having a nice time as well, and that you have plenty of time to adorn your nails. Did you get any nail related pretties under the tree this year?


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