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ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly

I just love the names of ManGlaze’s polishes (they actually have the single polish I’ve ever bought just because of the name), and this one is no exception. I mean, how can you resist something called ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly? And it doesn’t exactly hurt that it looks super pretty either (despite the name).

Fuggen Ugly is a matte gunmetal grey with the trademark ManGlaze hidden holographic shimmer. Just feast your eyes on this!

The formula is smooth and easy to apply, and it dries fast, but not too fast. You still have time to smooth everything out without getting chalky bumps and bald spots. I’ve used two coats, and that’s all you need. Because I’ve been working this weekend, I needed to put something low-maintenance on my nails, and this is super easy and quickly applied.

I’ve bought my ManGlaze polishes at their website (and they’re now also selling through Facebook and Amazon), but right now they don’t ship internationally. The customer service is excellent, though, and they promised me on Twitter that they would let me know when they have sorted stuff out for international customers again. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

ManGlaze Fuck Off & Dye

I normally never do this, but I have to admit I got this polish just for the name. Luckily for me, ManGlaze Fuck Off & Dye is actually a really pretty polish.

Fuck Off & Dye (or Blue [sic], if you want to buy the “nice” version) is a matte pink with the same holographic microshimmer as Matte Is Murder. The shimmer gives it a nice, satiny finish.

This polish is extremely nice to apply, rarely have the words “as buttah” been more appropriate. It’s opaque in 1-2 coats, goes on very smoothly and dries in no time.

ManGlaze polishes can be bought here, at $13.13 + S/H a pop.

Have you ever bought a polish just because of its name?

ManGlaze Matte Is Murder

Matte Is Murder is a black matte polish from the company that makes nailpolish for men, ManGlaze. They have a wide range of matte polishes and topcoats, and even though I’m not a man, I take the chance on wearing this beauty anyway.

The polish is easy to apply, it doesn’t dry too quickly, so you don’t have to rush when you’re polishing. That’s good, because I paint slower than a snail on Valium. (Hey, at least I stay “within the lines” that way!) This isn’t your regular boring black, it also has microshimmer that gives it a nice, satiny look. Here it is matte.

When a glossy topcoat is applied, Matte Is Murder really shines, so to speak. The microshimmer is actually holographic, which doesn’t show up when it’s matte. Here’s a macro shot with topcoat (stamp is BM 212 and China Glaze Millennium).

Have you tried any of ManGlaze’s matte polishes?

Have a nice day, thanks for reading!
Love, S.

Orly Iron Butterfly

I know spring is time for brights, pastels and holos, but sometimes it’s nice to do the complete opposite of what’s expected. I often find myself craving light and bright colors during winter, and today I decided to wear a dark and rocked out matte instead of the pastel cremes I’ve been reaching for lately.

Orly Iron Butterfly was released in 2009 as a part of the Metal Chic collection. It’s a dark charcoal matte with silver glitter, and it looks beautiful both with the original matte finish as well with a glossy topcoat.

This matte was a dream to apply, the consistency is light and easy to work with. It doesn’t dry too fast, so you have plenty of time to even out the polish on the nail. It’s also opaque in one coat, but I’m wearing two coats in these pics because ironically enough I messed up a few of the nails during cleanup and I wanted to even everything out. The color turns from dark charcoal to more black in the second coat.

How do you prefer Iron Butterfly, matte or shiny?

Have a nice day, thanks for reading!
Love, S.

OPI We’ll Always Have Paris Suede

Let’s go back in time to 2009 and the OPI Suede collection, where we’ll have a look at OPI We’ll Always Have Paris Suede. (Why they didn’t bother to make up unique names for these polishes, I’ll never understand. They look nothing like their original namesakes anyway.)

This Suede is a shimmery rosy purple, and naturally I’m wearing it with a shiny topcoat. I think the shimmer in these polishes are too pretty to hide in the matte finish, so topcoat it is! And it also helps the polish wear longer, I’ve worn this mani through a night shift with lots of hand washing, and it still looks great.

The formula is just as great as the other Suedes, it’s not too hard to work with like some mattes. I used two coats to even it out a bit, but if you’re lucky, you might get away with one.

Pure love for this one!

Have you tried any of the Suedes, and what do you think of them? Still not over the matte trend, or do you like them with topcoat like me?

Hope you’ll have a great weekend!
Love, S.


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