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Orly Love Each Other

I don’t know a lot about Orly Love Each Other, other than that it’s a beautiful polish with a milky sheer base filled with blue and purple microglitter. I got this in a swap, so that’s why I don’t know which collection it’s from. The reason why I got it, is because it reminds me of another lemming of mine, Essie Kisses and Bises. This one definitely kills that lemming!

Love Each Other is very sheer, so it’s definitely a layering polish. I put it over black, and that gives it a very subtle dark blue/purple look. In the right light, it sparkles very much, but it’s hard to capture the purple side on pictures. You just have to believe me when I say it’s there!

The formula is a little bit thick, but not hard to apply at all. I used two coats of Love Each Other over GOSH Nero.

Do you have a favorite layering combination?

BB Couture Impact Driver

Let me just tell you, having a blog sale and a no-buy at the same time is a terrible idea! I didn’t save any money or reduce my stash, because every penny I earn from the blog sale goes to new polish! Oh well, I’ve at least minimized my wish list lately, by acquiring a lot of long-time lemmings.

One of those lemmings is BB Couture Impact Driver. Now, BB Couture is one of the few companies I know of that have a series of nailpolish made especially for men. They have lots of different collections for men, and I think the colors are actually cooler than the “for ladies” collections. And I just love that you can see all of the polishes swatched on real nails in the BB Couture online shop! Why don’t more companies do this?

Anyway, Impact Driver isĀ  a deep, dusty slate blue infused with blue, silver and purple microglitter. The glitter particles almost look like microscopic flakies, and it gives the polish not as much sparkle as a sort of interesting texture. I totally love it!

The formula is simply divine to work with, ultra pigmented and almost opaque in one coat! I used two, though, to even everything out. The polish has a wonderful consistency, and it levels itself beautifully on the nail. It says on the bottle that it’s “specially formulated just for men”, and then I thought, do men need or deserve better formulas than us girls? I haven’t tried any of BB Couture’s other polishes, so I hope this fantastic formula is there in the girl’s polishes as well! I just hope the men’s formula doesn’t give me chest hair, that’s all!

What do you think of nailpolish on men? Is polish a thing that should be for women only?

Thanks for stopping by!
Love, S.

Sally Hansen Purple Pizzazz

Today’s manicure is Sally Hansen Purple Pizzazz, from the Xtreme Wear for spring 2010 collection. We don’t have Sally Hansen here in Norway (except from a few base- and topcoats and some fake nails), so I didn’t really discover this beauty until recently.

This is so right up my alley, it’s a purple jelly packed with pink microglitter, and since I love everything pink and purple, this is perfect! I’m actually thinking of getting a backup, because the bottle is so small (less than 12 ml).

This is of course very hard to photograph, but I think I got these pics pretty accurate. It looks like I have visible nail line, but it’s not visible in real life. Macro photography does strange things to jelly nailpolish.

The formula is pretty nice, and it’s surprisingly opaque for a jelly. I thought I would have to apply some underwear first, but it actually covers nicely in three rather generous coats.

I’ll see how well this wears over the next few days, because I have two night shifts coming up. I hope it’s as Xtreme as it claims, because I don’t have time to change my polish between shifts.

Ok, see you later, everyone!
Love, S.

OPI Wing It!

I had no less than two packages waiting for me in the mailbox on friday, and I literally squee-d when I opened the one containing (among other stuff) OPI Wing It! I just had to put it on straight away, and I love it so much I never want to take it off! This is from the OPI Summer Flutter Collection, and it’s a hot pink, reddish jelly packed with blue and pink iridescent microglitter. Aaah, it’s so pretty! This is really the summer polish for me this year.

These pictures are taken two days after I applied it, so please excuse any tipwear. I’ve been wearing this while working this weekend, and I can’t stop looking at my nails when I’m driving around at night. (Luckily, it never gets dark at night in summertime here in Norway, so there’s plenty of light to admire my mani. ;))

The formula is very good, but a little thin. It’s also very sheer, so I used four coats, but I can still see some visible nail line. I think I’ll layer this over an opaque neutral the next time.

Gizmo still wants nothing of this.

What’s your ultimate summer polish this year?

Also, there’s still one week left to enter my giveaway! Don’t forget to sign up!

Have a nice day, and a happy Independence Day to all my American readers!
Love, S.

Nailstation Sea Sexy

More nailstation yummieness! Nailstation sea sexy is a blue-green shimmer packed with loads of silver microglitter. Who needs OPI Catch Me In Your Net or Zoya Charla when you have this baby?! I know they’re not dupes, but they are blue and sparkly, so they’re in the same vein. Very summery and fun!

It looks straight up blue in these pics, but in real life it’s a lot more green. My camera doesn’t like blues with green flash for some reason.

The formula is as usually perfect. It’s opaque in two coats, but I used three to give it more depth and saturation. It’s not necessary though.

What are your favorites for summer?

Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful weekend! :D
Love, S.


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