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The ABCs: X for Xtravagance

I guess I didn’t think this ABC thing all the way through, because these last letters are proving really difficult to write about! Well, at least I get to use my imagination and creativity, and that’s not all bad.

Last week, my husband and I went to see “The Hunger Games”. I don’t think any nail polish enthusiasts could have missed hearing about this movie, China Glaze even made a collection based on it! (I have to admit I hadn’t even heard about either the movie or the books it’s based on before China Glaze released their collection, so for I kinda got the information the other way around.)

Anyway, I couldn’t help but notice the gorgeous manicure worn by Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket during The Reaping.

I’m positive I’m not the first and probably not the last who was inspired by the colorful citizens of Capitol, but I just loved this mani so much and I couldn’t wait to make my own version of it.

I decided to take it even more over the top, in true Capitol spirit, so I used Milani Purple Gleam as a base and Lynnderella Change sponged on the tips. A truly xtravagant and Effie-worthy manicure!

Purple Gleam was easy to apply, albeit very thick and glittery. But it’s a One Coat Glitter, so that’s expected. I had to use two coats to get it truly opaque, though. I’ve also used a buttload of topcoat, because these are thirsty glitters!

Are you often inspired by movies, books or other art when doing your nails?

The ABCs: H for Hi-Tech

The ABCs roll on, today we’ve come to the letter H, which is represented by Milani Hi-Tech. Hi-Tech is one of the 3D Holographics, and these scattered holos have my favorite holo finish of all times! This one is right in the middle between green and yellow, I guess this color is called chartreuse?
Lo and behold, we even got some (albeit weak) sun today, perfect start to the holo season, don’t you think? The rainbow effect in Hi-Tech is a little bit stronger than I managed to capture in these pics. Man, why don’t I wear holos more often, I simply love this acid green holobomb!

The formula is quite nice, a little bit thin, but manageable. For all intents and purposes it’s opaque in two coats, but I’ve used three coats here, because macro reveals even the slightest hint of visible nail line.

Milani 3D Holographics are still available at Cherry Culture, and they’re actually on sale right now at $3.99 a bottle.

The ABCs: B for Blue Flash

Here’s the next segment in my ABC series, B for Milani Blue Flash. This is a polish from the One Coat Glitter collection, which is one of my absolute favorites. These glitters make excellent underwear for other glitters like Lynnderellas, because they are so pigmented. I’m so in love with Blue Flash, it’s ridiculous! I just can’t stop looking at my superglittery nails! It’s very similar to OPI Absolutely Alice, just without the gold glitter.

Even though the bottle says one coat, it does kinda need two. The formula is, as expected, thick and chunky, but with so much glitter suspended, there’s no surprise! This is one of the grittiest glitters out there, so bring out the heavy artillery for your topcoatin’ needs. I used Glitter Tamer x 3 (very thin coats, mind you!), one coat of Barielle Manicure Extender (to keep those old man’s balls from wrinkling!) then a nice coat of Seche Vite. It’s absolutely worth it for that smooth and glassy finish!

I bought my Milani Blue Flash from Cherry Culture, the price is $3.99 a bottle.

NYX Ink & Milani Gems Jelly Sandwich

Before I was never that keen on either jellies or multicolored, chunky glitters, but after learning about jelly sandwiches, I’m craving both! (As I need any more reasons to buy nail polish!)

I have to admit I bought NYX Ink and Milani Gems just because I got this idea for a jelly sandwich, and I couldn’t rest before I tried them both together. And I have to say, they make a really good couple. Ink is a gorgeous, juicy navy blue jelly. Gems is one of the countless dupes for Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday, with hex glitter in multiple sizes and colors. I’m not to keen on it alone, but it looks great in a jelly sandwich! This combination reminds me of another Lippmann, Across The Universe, so if you never got your hands on that one, this could be an affordable substitute.

Yum, juicy!
Ink is very easy to apply, and if you were to wear it alone, two to three coats would be enough, depending on how opaque you’d like it. Gems goes on smoothly, too, and I used one generous coat for this mani. The whole thing is two coats Ink, one coat Gems followed by a coat of Ink on top.

I got both of these polishes from Cherry Culture, the NYX are $3.60 a bottle and the Milanis are $3.99 a bottle.

Milani Silver Dazzle

This year, Milani released a collection of “One Coat Glitter” polishes, and today’s Milani Silver Dazzle is my pick from that collection. I’ve had this in my untrieds forever, but I’m glad I finally put it on. This is a real glitterbomb with both silver, grey and black fine glitter. It’s so rock chic and awesome!

To make a rather poetic comparison: Have you ever seen how the snow sparkles in the moonlight when it’s really cold outside? This polish looks like how the snow would sparkle if it were black (not like polluted, but black snowflakes). Cheesy, I know, but it’s really beautiful!

Even though it’s called “one coat glitter”, I really needed two coats for full coverage. The formula is quite thick (not unexpected with all that glitter), but it’s easy to control. And that’s good, because I wouldn’t even know where to start if I had to do a lot of cleanup with a glitter this dense! If you do get some polish on your skin, I recommend waiting until it’s dry and rather scrape it off gently. If you try cleaning it up with acetone, you’ll end up with glitter all over your hands!

Being such a heavy glitter, this dries very gritty and matte on its own. It’s also a topcoat devourer, so slather that topcoat on! I used two coats and it’s still a bit bumpy, but I don’t care. If you want a completely smooth mani, I hear that Gelous is a really good topcoat to use over these “hungry” glitters.

The One Coat Glitter collection has four other colors, red, blue, purple and gold. It’s still available at Cherry Culture, $3.99 a piece.


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