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China Glaze Peachy Keen

I’m still working my way through the Up & Away collection, and this beauty is called China Glaze Peachy Keen. As the name suggests, it’s a light pastel peach. I think it’s super cute, and it’s very flattering on my hands. I look very tan, even though I’m not!

Peachy Keen is a bit camera shy, but I think these pics are pretty accurate.

The formula is a bit weird, both thick and runny at the same time. But with a little patience (and a lot of acetone), it’s ok. I used 3 coats for full opacity, the first couple of coats are a bit streaky, but I waited in between coats and it was fine. (By the way, this game is seriously my most important manicure tool! I just play a level when I have to wait between coats, I stay entertained and I don’t have to mess up my polish.)

I don’t have any colors like this one in my stash, but I thought you might want to see how it looks next to other similar-ish colors. Here’s a comparison with some oranges and a coral.

What do you do while waiting for your polish to dry?

GOSH Peachy

Of course I had to check out the Goshes when I got home, and on Friday I picked up this beauty, GOSH Peachy. It’s a peach/orange, almost neon creme, really cool! It’s bright and fun and summery, I feel like have a vitamin C supply on my nails. How can anyone not feel happy while looking at this goodness? (The polish is a lot brighter in real life than in these pics.)

The formula is OK, but a bit runny. It tends to flood my cuticles, so it’s important to not have too much polish on the brush. It’s also surprisingly sheer, and it leaves a lot of bald spots on the first coats. I’m actually wearing four coats in these pics, and I can still see just a smidge of VNL. Kind of a bummer, but the polish is good enough to accept the flaws.

Thanks for stopping by! :D
Love, S.

OPI Peach-A-Boo!

Why did I buy OPI Peach-A-Boo?! Agh! It’s almost everything I hate about a polish, too sheer, too orange, too boring. Feh!

I wanted to use this last week, so I started with two coats of ridge filler, to maybe prevent some VNL. That didn’t help, so I had to use four coats and still I had visible nail line. THEN I had to use the bathroom, and messed up my whole mani before I even could get topcoat on. Arrrgh, I wanted to smash the bottle!

Then I remembered this tip from The Manicured Manatee on how you can avoid VNL when wearing sheers and jellies. In short, you wear an opaque neutral polish under your sheer polish.

So, a week later I took a deep breath, started with an opaque nude polish and then three coats of Peach-A-Boo!

This polish has a peachy shimmer base and a lot of gold, silver and pink glitter, but the glitter doesn’t really show up that well in these pics. So I took a macro shot to show you how it sparkles:

But still… No.
This is just not worth the work, and it just looks meh on me. Ok, lesson learned, I will not be buying any more peach colored polishes! ;)

OPI Cozu-Melted In The Sun

Hi! Sorry for the lack of posting here this week. I can’t say that I’ve been busy, really, it’s rather that this week has been really ineficcient, that’s all. So I haven’t gotten around to swatching or doing my nails.

But I thought I could show you the mani I’ve been wearing for the last couple of days.
This is OPI Cozu-Melted In The Sun from the Mexico Collection, a light peach metallic with glass fleck glitter. It’s very shiny and sparkly and summery. I didn’t think I would like the peach on me, I was afraid it would look too orange, but I actually think it’s really cute. It’s a very summery color.

Excuse the tipwear in these pics, I’ve been wearing this through cleaning my house and stuff. ;)

This polish is really easy to apply, but it’s a tad sheer. I used three coats, but there’s still a hint of VNL.

I’ll be taking a break from posting during Easter, because we’re getting company over from Norway and thus I won’t have time to blog (never heard that before, have you). And because I’ve been so lazy this week, I haven’t prepared any posts in advance either. I hope you’ll still be reading my blog after Easter, though! ;)

That’s it for today. I wish you all a Happy Easter! :D

Per Una Cranberry

Happy friday, everyone! Hope you’re having fun! :D

This is one of the polishes from my Marks & Spencer haul, but a different brand this time. Per Una Cranberry has a pinkish-red jelly base with lots and lots of silver and pink microglitter. Incredibly sparkly and oh so gorgeous! It looks so succulent somehow, I feel thirsty from looking at it. Does that even make sense?

It looks a lot darker in the bottle than on the nail, the bottle color is cranberry, but on the nail it’s more peachy looking. I bet it would look great layered, but I’m usually too lazy to layer. ;)

The bottle says “Apply two coats”, but I thought it was still too sheer and added a third. Yes, I’m a rebel. The formula is great, really smooth and easy to work with. Some might dislike the big lid that can’t be removed, but I don’t think it’s an issue at all.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you soon! :D


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