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Candeo Mallard

How do you make an awesome mani even awesomer? ADD GLITTAR!!!

I thought Candeo Mallard would be a match made in heaven for Rimmel Mania, and I was right. Mallard’s shimmery semi-sheer lilac base loaded with purple shimmer, silver, lime, and green hex glitter looks gorgeous over Mania when it shifts from deep blue to green. I’ve said it before, but I have to say it again; I’m so impressed with the color combinations of the Candeos. Melinda comes up with mixes that sounds like they wouldn’t work at all, but it all comes together so beautifully, and I think all the Candeo bottles I own are pure magic.

The formula is as usual impeccable. It’s thin enough to spread easily on the nail, but not too thin, and the glitters are all very well suspended in the base. Shown is one coat of Mallard over Mania.

Candeos are sold directly from Candeo Colors ($9) or from Llarowe ($11).

Candeo Oceania

Another reason I’m happy I got Aqua Lily, is that it’s the perfect underwear for Candeo Oceania. Oceania is almost a glitter version of Aqua Lily, and they compliment eachother gorgeously. It has a clear base with medium white, matte teal and matte lavender hex and an added dash of small matte aqua hex.

This isn’t as glitterbomb-y as most indie glitters, so you can do one coat over a base color for a subtle effect. I wanted a bit more, so I did two coats of Oceania over Aqua Lily.

The formula was good, and it was easy to spread the polish over the nail. The glitters didn’t need to be dabbed on.

Candeo Colors have their own web shop where they are sold for $9 a bottle, or you can do what I did and purchase them from Llarowe where they are $11 a bottle.

Crowstoes Cheshire

I’m sure you all know Crowstoes by now, but if you don’t, in my opinion it’s one of the most exiting new indie brands. With unique and fun polishes and collections based on for instance Alice in Wonderland and The Addams Family, who can resist them?!

I have a few Crowstoes polishes, and the first one I want to show you is Crowstoes Cheshire. Obviously inspired by the Cheshire Cat, it’s a formidable glitterbomb with different sized purple and magenta hexes, holo glitter and that something extra that made me fall for this one: big yellow hexes.

Here it is over my Essie mani from yesterday, this might not be the perfect “undies”, I think Cheshire would pop more over a lighter purple or lilac. I’ll try that next time!

I’ve tried Cheshire a couple of times before, so I knew that it was very thick. According to the “disclaimer” on Llarowe and Overall Beauty, this is made with uncut suspension base and thick consistency is to be expected. Before this mani, I thinned it to my preference, and that made it nice and easy to apply. You’ll only need one coat for extreme glitterification! Cheshire is also a thirsty glitter, so use your best “glitter food” topcoat.

Crowstoes are available at Llarowe ($14) and Overall Beauty ($12).
Read more about Crowstoes on Lauri’s blog The Polished Crow.

Essie No More Film and Kisses & Bises

I have two Essies to show you today, one from this year’s Resort Collection and one from the 2011 Spring Collection.

Let’s start with the newest one first, Essie No More Film. This is a beautiful dark indigo creme, what some people would call “blurple”. It’s that perfect middle ground between blue and purple, but sadly I can’t capture the true color in my pictures. Very frustrating! These look a lot bluer than it is in real life, it’s really more purple.

It’s a lot more dreamy to apply than to photograph, though. The polish glides on the nail effortlessly, and it’s opaque in just one coat! I had to do two coats, though, because I get the heebie-jeebies if I only have one coat of polish on.

Now to the polish from last year, Essie Kisses & Bises. This has a color-changing shimmer pigment in a sheer base, and it gives a lovely purpleish-pink cast when layered over NMF. I can’t resist purple-pinkyfying anything, so of course I just had to have this one!

It’s also very easy to apply, and you only need one coat if you layer it over another color for effect. Scrangie has a swatch of K&B on its own, and she’s used four coats for opacity.

I bought these from TransDesign, where Essies are $5.95 a bottle. Both Kisses & Bises and No More Film are still available.


Smitten Polish Lovely Lilacs

The other day I saw Sminkan’s post on Smitten Polish Lovely Lilacs, and that convinced me that I had to put this on my nails right away! Luckily, Lovely Lilacs was already in my untrieds drawer, or else I would have had to make another order with Noelie.

Noelie describes Lovely Lilacs as “a plethora of sizes and shades of purple and pink and holo glitter suspended in a deep purple jelly base”. And I just have to say wow, it’s super gorgeous! Everyone knows I’m a sucker for anything purple and pink, but even if you’re not hung up on it like me, you have to see this polish in person! At least click these pictures to see how pretty it is in close-up.

The formula is so good, very easy to apply and the glitters are evenly suspended and very willing to come out of the bottle. I used three coats of Lovely Lilacs on its own for this mani, and it’s nice and opaque. It’s not gritty either, I used one coat of Gelous and one coat of Seche Vite over this, and it’s still glassy smooth even after two days of wear.

Smitten Polish purchase and updates info:
Noelie’s Nails – Noelie’s blog
Smitten Polish @ Etsy – $9 a bottle, worldwide shipping
Smitten Polish @ Facebook


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